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6 minutes
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Ace is a non-dialogue narrative about two boys terrorizing an old man in a motor chair. The surprise ending is quite satisfying. The colliding of generations and their imaginations really got me. The comedy is fun and the situations are clever. The ending made me laugh, and I am a sucker for films that convey story without dialogue. This film is a great piece for a children's film festival! Reviewed by Addie.

This film opens up the discussion about relationships between generations. The location shows an urban situation, in London but it could be anywhere, and signs indicating all the things that are not allowed: bikes, games, walking on rails, spitting, and in short "no fun." The films shows what happens when young boys are bored. They become creative and sometimes their actions are means and harmful. The old man seems afraid at first but, in the end, he claims his own space! It is a lesson about cause and effect and, as the tag line says, "never grow up, never grow old."

Two bored boys repeatedly harass an old man in a mobility scooter by cycling up to him on their bikes and yelling in his face. His response is anything but predictable. Accepted by LA Femme Int'l Film Fest, Century Short Film Fest, Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Fest, Cinage Film Fest, Discovery Film Fest, Hampshire Film Fest, Amarcourt Film Fest, Chefchaouen Int'l Film Fest, Court de Nuit at La Lanterne Magique, Century Film Fest, Heart of Gold Int'l Film Fest

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