KIDS FIRST! Junior Film Critics Curriculum
Becoming a Film Critic

SESSION FOUR: Gratuitous vs. Non-Gratuitous Violence, Homework Review
Time: 60 Minutes

A. Welcome transparency up. Sign in sheet.

B. Review Homework:
Media Log. Write on board. Share.
Give us your 3rd Review. Share two or three.
Violence scorecard. Discuss. Write on board.
1. How many violent acts were in one program? Were you surprised?
2. Did the show seem real or believable?
3. Can you suggest another way to solve the problems they had other than violence?
4. Was there music or sound effects to accompany the violence? Describe.
5. Who was most often involved and in what way? Define them by color, gender, age.
6. How did you feel after you watched this show?
7. What age would you recommend watch this show?

C. Write on board: Gratuitous Violence. Ask for a definition. Use gratuitous violence transparency.
List examples of gratuitous violence in TV programs you watch.

D. Write on board: Non-Gratuitous Violence. Ask for a definition. Use Non-Gratuitous Violenc transparency.

E. Watch the film "Kayla: A Cry in the Wilderness" (you'll need to rent or borrow it), or find another example of a film that exemplifies non-gratuitous violence. (Use the KIDS FIRST! website to find one - Discuss afterwards.
What was violent? Was the violence important to the story? Was it gratuitous?
Did it help you understand the character better?
How did you feel when you watched this show?
How did you feel afterwards?
What ages would you recommend watch this show?

I. Homework Assignment: Volunteer reads assignments.
Media log. Add one cartoon to what you track this week. Look for gratuitous and non-gratuitous violence. (Use handout for help) .
Write your 4th Review. Choose from your media log or write a review on Kayla: A Cry in the Wilderness, or get another recommendation from the KIDS FIRST! website.
Remember . . . (Your Review Guidelines).

OPTIONAL: Use the Internet to research media violence. There are thousands of studies that show a definite link between media violence and violent behavior. See if you can find research that supports both sides of this issue.

Violence Scorecard
Gratuitous vs Non-Gratuituous


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