andrew bever

Who is Andrew Bever?

Write What You Know, Shoot What You See” is Andrew Bever’s mantra. A lover of all art, with a focus on cinema and short films, Andrew has been making his own short films since high school, starting when he was tasked by his drama class teacher to write a two act play for his final, and instead wrote, shot, and edited the same script using a combination of a Sony Hi8 camcorder and tape recorder. After handing it in, showing it to the class, and seeing their reactions, it was a high speed, downhill race chasing the dream of being a filmmaker.

Andrew attended several colleges in New Mexico and West Texas, before he found his alma mater in Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree, with a focus on Film Producing and Cinematography. He currently owns and operates Bad Raven Films in Southeast New Mexico, specializing in local commercial production, social media content, and product videography and videography. Bever currently serves as lead video editor and video coach for the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team and we love him!  

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