Who is Gay Dillingham?
Gay Dillingham

Gay Dillingham, Co-Founder, former President and Chair of Earthstone International, LLC.  Earthstone is an environmental IP company manufacturing recycled glass into an engineered  "white foam glass" for surface abrasion, non-toxic cleaning technologies, agriculture products and soon to be building products.  This flexible revolutionary material is a superior replacement to many strip-mined materials and more.  Earthstone is in the process of opening a factory at the Albuquerque solid waste landfill converting all the waste glass to value added products while capturing the green house gas methane and converting it into energy to power the kilns.

In January 2003, Dillingham was appointed by Governor Richardson to the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board serving as Chair 2003-2007 and remains on the Board as a member.  The EIB is responsible for environmental management and consumer protection for the state.

Additionally, Dillingham owns her own production company, CNS Communications and is an award winning producer/director.  She is currently the executive director of the Livingry Foundation.  She is board chair for the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers, a founder and board member for the New Voice of Business New Mexico chapter, board member for the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, and the Center for Defense Information/World Security Institute out of DC.

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