Who is Sansunshine Levy?
Samsunshine Levy

Web Developer/Project Manager at NET MAN, Inc., at www.TheNetCave.com, physically located in Santa Fe. NET MAN, Inc. is a full service web development firm, providing web design, marketing, hosting, business consulting and development services to CQCM and has been in operation since 1995. NET MAN clients include hospitals and universities, consumer and trade associations, patient care organizations, overseas thinktank and knowledge capital organizations and numerous small businesses, both locally and nationally operating in retail and informational needs.

Mr. Levy is past Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Internet Professionals Association. He is an NMIPA founding member and was that organization's programs chair from it’s founding through 2001. He was chairman of the New Media Industries gallery, a Santa Fe economic development project, as well as highly involved with community initiatives including ¡Carnaval Santa Fe! and Santa Fe Future, a leadership training & development project.

His prior experience and training have been in engineering, creative graphic development and computer network administration, consulting and installation. Previously, Mr. Levy worked as editor of the second KIDS FIRST! Directory. Prior to that, Mr. Levy studied engineering at New Mexico State University, worked in Italy and France for several years and was shown the right videos by his mother, Ranny. Mr. Levy and his wife, Kristin, have two boys who watch both endorsed and unendorsed videos.

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