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What to know: The highlight of Chuck Manetta's life was fifty years ago in Korea.
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Recommended age 12-16
80 minutes
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Addresses a disfunctional family and their learnnig how to work things out. Father is stereotyped as a geek/failure who no one respects. He's called a pussy and put down as for his "bizarre" drive to be educated. Mom is put down because she works in a clothing store. Contains some profanity.
The highlight of Chuck Manetta's life was fifty years ago in Korea. Retired and living in his son's house, he's forced to babysit his granddaughter. Jenny is as displeased as Chuck is with this arrangement, until she discovers Grandpa to be the soccer coach her father isn't. Chuck is delighted too, finding in Jenny the young soldier he never found in his own son. Meanwhile, the parents are splitting up, their jobs are fraying their nerves, and tension in the house grows, driving Jenny further toward Grandpa.
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