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What to know: This title is truly awesome, as one of our kid jurors says.
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Recommended age 5-12
35 minutes
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Loved it. "I like the bikes and seeing what you can do with rocks." "It's funny. You can learn a lot about biking and rocks." "It's about rocks and Native Americans and hide and seek in the wilderness." They loved the Native American drummers and dancers and the historical information. "It has a lot of stuff I've never really seen close up before."
Offers information about rock climbing and camping, Native Americans, hygiene, and respect for nature. Scenery is incredible and the music rocks. The traditional Native American dress is stunning. There is something for everyone, from outdoor stills to rock art. The mountain biking parts are awesome. The only down side are scenes of playing hide and seek in holes and crevices which are potentially dangerous. It does stress safety and using proper equipment at all times.
A wild, weekend long adventure in the red rock mountains of Utah. Zeke, the host, invites kids to accompany him as he learns how to mountain bike, rock climb, and watches pros at these extreme sports while exploring Native American art and dance.
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