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What to know: The best part of this is the end portion which gives a mini lesson on babies' language development.
Recommended age adult-adult
45 minutes
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Short clips are well timed. The baby watching starts to lose interest just as the clip is changing and her attention is captured again. About fifteen minutes was the total attention span though. They relate to the words offered - eat, more, drink, book, up down, colors. One-year-olds enjoyed watching the toys on screen.
Uses images of bright colored toys with narrator to teach word development. Accompanied by original music. Interspersed is a head short of a woman saying different words and making facial gestures with sounds. Doesn't repeat sequences, which would enhance its educational value. Very good tutorial at the end that delivers an excellent message to new parents about language development for babies. The end part is definitely geared for adults, not for babies.
Exposes children to early developing sounds and words, as well as introducing them to simple sign language. A 12-step tutorial at the end provides caregivers with ideas to encourage language development.
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