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What to know: Director Debra Kaufman began this movie as a deeply personal project.
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Recommended age 12-18
59 minutes
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A documentary narrated by a woman who adopted a child in Nepal so that she could be educated. Excellent background about Nepal. Really addresses the difficulties of educating children in Nepal and those involved in the effort to make it happen. Touching and inspiring and at times, sad. Many of these these children don't have a childhood as they were sold into slavery at a very young age.
What is the power of education to create democracy? The Riverside School is a unique educational environment in remote Nepal that educates low-caste and tribal children, half of whom are girls. But the school - and many schools in Nepal -are threatened by a bloody 7-year civil war in which children are caught in the middle. In 'A School of Their Own,' we follow the struggle of these children to learn and how it intersects with the struggle of the country to find its way to democracy.
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