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What to know: Print Frame Speed: Color, Stereo; Film Sound: Dolby A; Aspect Ratios: 1.
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Recommended age 6-12
26 minutes
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"I think kids will enjoy this and talk about it after because it's so creative."
Fun and entertaining. Leaves you wanting more. CoolCamel does ordinary things and has ordinary problems. But, he finds interesting and ingenious solutions. The one minute episodes are great interstitials or can be watched all at once as a longer program. Non-narrative, very sweet, no borderline humor. Produced in Budapest, Hungary.
Pupak is a curious, optimist and happy camel, who finds himself in different situations, and has many different jobs. One of Pupak's main features is, that he starts to do everything with a more-than-needed elan. But Pupak is a very lucky camel, so at the end everything turns out right, and Pupak always succeeds.
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