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What to know: Fantasti! There's a reason why this film took about five years to make.
KIDS FIRST ALL STAR ANIMUSIC 2 is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 7-18
40 minutes
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Great! "The music is good. It's cool how the graphics go along with the music. I love all the blinking lights." "I can think of a five other friends who would like it." "I liked the Robots best." "It made me want to build some cool robot things of my own." Boys liked the changing colors that corresponded to the changing music and the sound effects such as the popping of popcorn in one and the pipe organs in another.
Unique, incredible music-driven computer animation. Clean, polished, outstanding rendering, original electronic music, fascinating imagery. Great combination of computer animation and electronic music, both of which are captivating and exquisitely executed on fictional, fanciful instruments. Many instruments appear to be robotic or play themselves. Images are very provoking and inviting. Great close up shots, different angles and the a 3-D feeling of being in outer space. Very cutting edge, 21st century! Each selection is about 4-5 minutes long, each played on different instruments. Very lively, very original. Shows a level of respect for children as thinking people.
Virtual instruments spring to life and perform eight musical pieces. Computer animation and digitally created music are melded to form an entirely new genre of entertainment. Includes eight pieces: Starship Groove (drums, other), Pogo Sticks (acoustics, percussion), Resonant Chamber (strings), Cathedral Pictures (orchestral), Pipe Dream 2 (strings, percussion), Fiber Bundles (percussion, other), Gyro Drums (percussion), Heavy Light (other). From Animusic, an American company specializing in the 3D visualization of MIDI music; created with their own proprietary MIDImotion software, and various animation packages such as Discreet 3D Studio Max.
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