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What to know: It is Eloise's sixth birthday and she is determined to make it a special party.
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Recommended age 5-8
45 minutes
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Lovely book-based film. Mary Matilyn Mouser's voice over for Eloise is just perfect as is Lynn Redgrave's. This title is sure to become a new "classic" that people will want to add to their collections. Me, Eloise is engaging and fun for children and parents, well paced, and funny. It deals with issues of friendship, loyalty, and jealousy, which are issues that are important for the age group 5-8. Eloise, at first jealous of the new girl, jumps at the chance to be friends with her, too. The animation is good, voice actors well-casted. Eloise has a love of life, and extends friendship to everyone, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or age. She problem-solves effectively to help her friends.
It is Eloise's sixth birthday and she is determined to make it a special party. Along with planning her big day, she is busy making friends with a new girl at the hotel - a violin prodigy - Yuko. Of course, things don't go as planned and Eloise almost misses her own party.
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