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Recommended age 2-5
32 minutes
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Kids seemed to love this. One six-year-old said, "Mom, this should be in a festival. It's a great one. The funny parts like the alien and the way he said, 'what's that' with the alien, and the funny parts with sounds on his guitar were great."
Funny, creative. Takes ordinary songs like Home on the Range and makes them unique with costumes and animation. Very energetic and humorous. He deals with things that are just right for this age group such as the alphabet, with the alphabet bookie, manners, and opposites. Bright colors and cgi background add to the show.
Mr. Marty wants to get your kids engaged by singing, laughing, flying through space, visiting the wild west, enjoying his delightful character friends and giggling at his wild antics A combination of live action and animation, recorded in front of a live studio audience. Mr. Marty has been described as 'Mr Rogers, Sesame Street and The Wiggles all rolled into one.
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