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What to know: Marine songs set to spectacular underwater footage.
Recommended age 3-8
25 minutes
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Most enjoyed it. "I liked this film because of the songs - very calm and relaxing." Kids enjoyed seeing the marine animals. "My friends would like seeing the sharks and dolphins." "I learned that sharks are misunderstood. They don't really enjoy eating humans." "It made me want to learn about manatees. I've never heard of them before."
This is an undersea music video with great underwater cinematography and lyrics that carry a good message about taking care of the environment. Makes an excellent supplement to a classroom lesson on oceanography or environment. Can be viewed with or without lyrics shown as subtitles. Quiet music appealed to some and not to others who said it put them to sleep.
Marine songs set to spectacular underwater footage. Sing along with song subtitles (On/off option). For entertainment; language development, ESL, deaf. Includes an ocean screen saver.
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