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What to know: This DVD invites you to explore the rich heritage of beautiful Mexico.
KIDS FIRST ALL STAR ONE WEE WORLD CELEBRATES MEXICO! is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 2-5
30 minutes
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Kids loved this. They were attentive from beginning to end. Enjoyed the dancing, waterfalls, and talked about them afterwards. Some of the Spanish-speaking kids particularly loved it. They danced and sang along. "I knew the songs. I like Mexican dances." "Offers a wonderful way for our Mexican families and preschoolers to share their culture with others." One young girl said, I want to be a dancer like the pretty girls." (She was referring to the folklorico dancers. One little boy wanted to take it home to show it to his mom. Good length, good variety.
Lively! Good cinematography showing a wide range of activities in Mexico. From music, to chocolate, cute interstitial animations. Not much narrative or explanation, relies on imagery and sound. Excellent way to incorporate cultural diversity into your home or school. Good combinations of Spanish and English vocabulary. "I loved the music and native characters that participate in this film. I even learned a little bit about my own culture."
This DVD invites you to explore the rich heritage of beautiful Mexico. Join them in a gorgeously filmed cultural celebration of Mexico's music, landscape, folklore, dance, food, and toys. Featuring stellar performances by the Mariachi Divas, Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, the Ballet Folklorico Azatlan, and In Tlanextli Tlacopan, One Wee World will captivate children and grown-ups of all ages! The mission of the product is to end racism, ignorance, and fear of others. They want to help each and every child cultivate a deep appreciation and respect for cultures different than their own and to celebrate diversity.
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