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What to know: To this day, Harriet Tubman is still remembered as "the Moses of her people" for good reason.
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30 minutes
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Well received. "It was interesting." "I have studied other brave people, but I didn't know about Harriet Tubman." "The slaves were treated meanly and whipped." "I liked the animation and the action." "Good music. I guess it was like the music from back then." "Some white people really didn't like the black people." Favorite part: "When Harriet escaped I felt like I was with her each time she went back to help someone. Even though it was animated, it seemed so real." The kids cheered Harriet on as she escaped with her parents. One laughed at the bad guys when the wheel fell off their wagon.
Excellent production. Tells a moving story about a great self-sacrificing woman in history who risked her life to save others. The perseverance and hope that Harriet Tubman shows is inspiring, even to today's children. There is tension built upon true events from history that holds your attention. It shows the horrors of slavery without being too graphic yet informs children about how awful slaves were treated. White owners are shown in both a negative way as well as positive, for those who helped the slaves escape.
To this day, Harriet Tubman is still remembered as "the Moses of her people" for good reason. From 1849 to 1860, in seventeen dangerous missions to the Confederate South, she helped more than 300 slaves escape to freedom in the North. English and Spanish.
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