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What to know: Entertaining and educational.
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Recommended age 4-12
39 minutes
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A hit with 4 to 6-year-olds. One four-year-old has asked repeatedly to watch it again and again, even though it's a bit long, his attention hasn't wavered during three screenings. "I like the eagle who flew them around and sang. I like everything about it - a lot!." Even the quiz is a hit. "Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni" was a new and humorous idea to some. A special needs child commented, "It was happy." "I want to go to those places."
Educational and entertaining. Good music, animation, historical information. Well structured as Rudy, the bald eagle takes the kids on an exploration of America. Traditional songs are played throughout the film. Monumental figures are very descriptive of the roles they played in American history. They are very animated with distinct personalities. The only short-coming is that it lacks information about Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, or women in history. More information than a pre-schooler can fully absorb but it is fun, not confusing, and well animated.
Join Rudy, the giant Bald Eagle, as he flies across America with his friends to visit the country's most awe-inspiring landmarks.
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