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What to know: Eloise's tutor has quit, and now she is on her way to the prestigious Hawthorne Academy.
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Recommended age 3-8
45 minutes
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"Eloise went to school and she got in trouble a lot. She was still doing the things that she had always been doing. Eloise had to learn to follow the rules and believe in herself." "This movie was silly!" "Funny!" "Eloise and Nanny were so nice to each other. They always said good things about each other. " "I liked the dog because he was super silly and wore a hat and sunglasses." Kids like the music, pictures and even commented on liking Eloise's voice. "I learned to stand up for yourself and don't be shy."
Charming and fun, with just a little twist on what we think is normal in life. The darling little rule-tester that she is, Eloise takes on a new adventure going to school. Based on the books by Kay Thompson, Eloise is as appealing today as when the books first came out. Nanny sends Eloise to Hawthorne Academy and things aren't quite as easy as the precocious Eloise had imagined. And, she has to make friends, follow rules and survive bullies. Full of humor and friendship, and even a few valuable lessons.
Eloise's tutor has quit, and now she is on her way to the prestigious Hawthorne Academy. She soon learns that there is a lot more to school than she had planned - mean girls, strict teachers and lots of rules, rules, rules! She's on a mission to make school fun by teaching her new friends to stand up to bullies, helping her teacher to be a little nicer and learning a few lessons along the way. Can she fit in at her new school while staying the same fun Eloise?
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