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What to know: The love-of-reading and books "Wilbur" TV show is hosting a costume party.
KIDS FIRST ALL STAR WILBUR: FUNNY DRESS-UP NIGHT is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 2-5
15 minutes
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Loved it. Kept their attention. They loved the puppets. Had fun and laughed at the silly hats and funny dress up. "I like books and reading. "I like to use my imagination." "I love the funny cow!" "It makes me want to have Halloween again." "I like it because I like costumes." "This was great! We thought we'd be bored today since we can't go outside but now we want to dress up in costumes. Right now!"
This shows the value of reading books and is short enough to hold the kids' attention. It's also very entertaining and lively. Love the characters - they are warm and funny. Good pace. It starts with dress up night and ends with using imagination. Definitely appropriate for kids with a storyline they can easily relate to. Maybe the story will stimulate them to be more creative next time they play dress up and they won't want to just go buy something at the store.
The love-of-reading and books "Wilbur" TV show is hosting a costume party. Hilarious costumes abound, but Wilbur's friend Dasha hasn't found one yet and the party is about to start. Wilbur reads a story that helps Dasha learn that using your imagination can sometimes be the trick (or treat) that solves the problem.
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