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What to know: Great DVD for new parents.
Recommended age Adult-Adult
30 minutes
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It is stressed in the introduction that this is not an attempt to produce "super babies," just to help parents learn good exercise techniques to use with children. The babies responded by reaching and smiling at the puppets and artwork. Some made sounds in response to it. Many made movements when they were shown the onscreen Daddy. This is really more for parents than for children.
Excellent instructional DVD that gives step by step exercises and guided professional instruction for helping your baby who is zero to five-month-old. Clearly presented and illustrated with visuals such as live action segments between parent and baby, original drawings, puppets, marbles and colorful play objects. Designed for parent and caregiver to do with their baby, giving them the opportunity to nurture her natural development while bonding with their baby and encouraging them to move about in their first few months of life. Well done. Both male and female parents are shown. Background music is very respective but it's the only drawback. The professional instruction is outstanding.
Provides an opportunity for parents to interact with their babies by combining specific step-by-step exercises and guided professional instruction with entertaining visuals and sounds. Promotes proper physical development in babies.
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