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What to know: Starring Mallory Lewis, daughter of beloved "Lamb Chop" creator, Shari Lewis.
KIDS FIRST ENDORSED PHONICS 4 BABIES: COLORS & COUNTING is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 1-3
40 minutes
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More fun with Mallory and Giggles! In addition to new word learning with many more reinforcing segments, we learn colors associated with different objects like a blue shirt or a red car, with the color word on the screen for beginning letter recognition; and counting and one-to-one correspondence with live action animation of children sitting on a chair one a time to make a group of five children and five more children standing behind them to make a group of ten. Giggles lets kids know they did a good job too! Live action animations are shown in the moving/grooving segment where we see children drawing with crayons and painting with water colors. Giggles lets us know she loves to finger paint too! The Family Song album lets us know about all the relatives in your family - grandparents, parents, siblings and cousins. Overall, a great introduction for your baby and/or toddler.
Starring Mallory Lewis, daughter of beloved "Lamb Chop" creator, Shari Lewis. In this, the second DVD of the award- winning series, Mallory and the Tummy Tots teach the names of the colors, the numbers (1-10) and more in singable songs and fun games. It invites the kids to their feet singing along, dancing along and most importantly TALKING along with the adorable Tummy Tot puppets. Contains more than 20 original songs by Joe Giangrasso. Developed in association with prominent clinical advisors, speech pathologists and child educators, PHONICS 4 BABIES is designed specifically to engage babies and toddlers in early speech skills and reinforces these lessons in children as old as four or five. Includes an interview with Dr. Karen Kovacs North, UCLA Clinical Psychologist, talks with Mallory about Tools for Speech Development. They discuss that phonics and whole language combination are needed to both sound out letters and words as well as recognize words as a whole. For example, seeing a picture of a cat and being able to identify what a cat is. Dr North talks about how the video segments show the combination and with repetition, children are able to recognize objects and actions. Other topics include the importance of narration when walking down the street with your baby in a snuggly. For example, saying to your baby, "Look at the tree" in order to make the connection for the baby to connect the word "tree" to the object "tree."
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