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What to know: The tale of a boy who has never received a bad mark in school, until now.
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Recommended age 8-12
10 minutes
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Mixed reviews. "It seemed like everyday kids today except for the magician." Some kids thought it was too hard to believe. "It is very respectful of kids' feelings." "This boy was having a really bad day. I could relate to him - I've had bad days like that." "It's about making mistakes and how they can lead to having a bad day." "The boy is smart and learned how he is special."
Teaches a lesson. Excellent content and message. Cute story, well produced though a bit choppy. Excellent production values, both visual and audio. It offers good insight to an otherwise nerdy, prep school kid whose eyes are opened to bigger ideas. The theme of "we always want to do our best and be the best we can be but will make some mistakes along the way" is a good one for this age group. Good message about treating people nicely and that everyone is special. There is one curse word. It encourages you to think about how you treat others and how you think of yourself.
The tale of a boy who has never received a bad mark in school, until now. He does not know how to react. Beside himself with grief, he misses the school bus, and has to walk home. On his journey, he learns the important lesson that it's okay to make mistakes.
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