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What to know: A billionaire is stuck in his "perfect" world, until his wife is abducted.
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Recommended age 12-18
99 minutes
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Enjoyed it. The jump between reality and virtual-reality and the 6 quirky characters are appealing to children looking for an adventurous movie. Critical about some parts - starting with the acting but some with the actual videogame played in the film but overall, it captured their imagination enough to keep talking about it for days afterwards. The player, PappaPooh, kept almost cussing but covering up with words like "shi...talkie mushrooms" or "badas-sociation." There was also some crude talk about player, Master Chief's wife "sitting on his controller and bending his joystick." The style of the film was pretty cool because the animation was decent and most of the game was believable, however the acting and ending weren't very satisfactory. The combination between live-action and CGI was remarkable, however the action/adventure sequences of the story was more exciting than the actual plot. Promotes team-work and need for communication.
Really well done indie feature that competes well with this genre of film. Good storyline that holds your attention. Although some performances are a bit weak, overall, they hold up. It keeps your interest for the entire film, right through to the surprise ending. Nice work.
The body of this movie is action-packed with on-the-edge-of-your-seat conversations between six gamers trying to decide the best way to win a video game. The choices of the players in order to complete the game are all very touching and there is no real antagonist to the film which becomes the ultimate twist at the end. However, the 'kidnapping' of Rookie's wife which advances the plot isn't very believable and the actors (especially the non-gamers) are hard to believe and take serious because they lacked depth and character.
A billionaire is stuck in his "perfect" world, until his wife is abducted. Now, he is forced to play a videogame and win within eight hours to get her back. So, he calls on the only people who can help, the "Armchair Combat Professionals".
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