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What to know: A tale of monastic monks living on a remote monastery in the West.
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Recommended age 12-18
60 minutes
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The film was very light-hearted and informative. The relaxed interviews allowed a sort of insight and connection into the life of the monks and Buddhism. Sometimes the music distracted what was being said in the interviews/voice-over, however the fluidity of the documentary painted a beautiful picture of the Buddhist ways and captured the essence of happiness and satisfaction that surrounds the monks. At first, the grain-like quality of the image was distracting, but the content of the footage and flowing editing tied the film together beautifully that the distraction caused by the graininess immediately went away. Buddhism is a growing religion and in such times of confusion and national hysteria, it's vital to show people that there are other ways to find happiness. This film is highly beneficial to anybody because it both educates and explores a new way of life.
Beautifully shot. Very insightful into the monastic monk lifestyles and philosophy. This documentary touches on a very important matter, which is the basic human quest for happiness. The filmmaker, Anna Wildlng, immerses us in the life and culture of a group of Thai and Sri Lankan monks and we are given the opportunity to get to know and love the monks. With over 200 rules to follow, the monks request only very little, yet their happiness and sense of contentment radiates them unlike so many wealthy individuals and the line "we have more freedoms than they do, yet they have a freedom that we may never know" is one of the most powerful realizations this film suggests.
A tale of monastic monks living on a remote monastery in the West. Asian cultural life, the importance of living as one with nature and loving kindness are explored.
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