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What to know: When Duck finds out about a talent show at the county fair, he and the animals on the farm start rehearsing.
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Recommended age 4-8
12 minutes
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Everyone liked it to some degree, even the 2-year-olds. An 8-year-old started snickering immediately because she got the humor. The 2-5's enjoyed it best. One said it was funny because the duck reminded her of her cousin. Another said she liked it because the duck got the trampoline. Some kids needed help understanding the idea behind a talent contest and what the animals were trying to accomplish. Once that was explained, they enjoyed it. Everyone agreed that it was nice of the animals to try to work together to win the prize. "I liked the pictures. It reminded me of a book." "I saw one of the other books about this duck. This one reminds me of that." Favorite part: The duck singing. "I didn't even know that a duck would know that song." The trampoline. "I wish I could win a trampoline." Everyone agreed with that comment once it was stated.
Loved Randy Travis' narration. This DVD has a nice gentle humor that appeals to kids without being overly silly. Some of the humor is definitely directed towards the adult viewer but kids will probably not notice. Younger ones may need some things explained, such as what a talent contest is. The voices are fun, the animals cute and the storyline very enjoyable.
When Duck finds out about a talent show at the county fair, he and the animals on the farm start rehearsing. While Farmer Brown tries to figure out what the animals are up to, Duck is determined they will enter the contest and win! Brilliantly narrated by Randy Travis, with music by Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds, and a wild vocal performance by Jon Carroll. Directed by MaGiK Studio. Based on the book by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.
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