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What to know: According to legend, Butch Cassidy died in Bolivia.
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Recommended age 8-12
90 minutes
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A big hit with kids. They loved the adventure, the connection with Butch Cassidy and the storyline. "The personalities of the main characters are cool, witty, and adventurous; good role models." "The presentation of this film was carried out well for the genre of the film. The action and chase sequences were effective in achieving the desired edge-of-your-seat reaction." "The art direction and set design of this film were one of the most outstanding strengths of this film. Making the set look and feel as if it was set in the 1950's was executed well and the landscape shots were amazing." "Dares to show how 'bad' people (i.e.. Outlaw, Butch Cassidy) aren't always 100% 'bad.'"
This is really a fun "kid caper." Set in the West, during the time when cool high school boys were Eagle Scouts, the story is just fun with adventure, suspense and great characters including several nasty villains. Four friends work together (or in some cases, not) to solve the mystery of young Roy Parker's uncle (Butch Cassidy) who ruined the family name. So hold on for a wild twist on the Butch Cassidy legend.
The thing I liked most about this film is Roy Parker's persistence in proving that his Great Uncle Leroy (AKA Butch Cassidy) wasn't as evil as legend says he was. His quest to redeem his family's name leads him on a wild adventure where he learns that there isn't always a solid divide between determining what is good and what is bad. We learn that the man who actually wants to keep Butch Cassidy's infamous label as an outlaw is a greedy thief himself and we see Butch Cassidy's name in a positive light as well, which shows that while not everybody is fully good or fully evil, we are ultimately the ones who decide which side we want ourselves to follow.
According to legend, Butch Cassidy died in Bolivia. But what if he made it back to the States under an assumed name with a fortune in Ortega gold? Young Roy Parker aims to find out after discovering an old belt buckle that once belonged to his Great Uncle Leroy (a.k.a. "Butch Cassidy"). Roy's determined to redeem the family name, learn his uncle's true fate - and find Butch's stash of buried treasure - with the help of his best friend, his arch rival and the girl who has stolen his heart. But they're not alone, a dastardly villain is hot on their trail and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the fabled loot!
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