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What to know: Bronze Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009.
CAPTAIN JON ADVENTURE - SHARKS: KNIGHTS OF THE SEA is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-13
34 minutes
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Kids loved it! "It has my favorite animal in it and had lots of scientific facts." For some reason, kids seem to have an insatiable hunger for information about sharks. "I liked seeing and learning about the sharks." "I liked seeing the people swim with the sharks." They all said they would watch it again. One kid said, "Everyone likes sharks even though they are bad." But, their ideas changed after they watched the show and they all commented about how they learned about why we need to protect sharks. They loved the underwater scenes of the sharks, especially the night shots. One group said, "We didn't relate to the Captain and his helpers because we are not old enough to do that stuff. They reminded us of Indiana Jones or other adventure people." "We loved it. We loved seeing real sharks."
Like Captain Jon's other videos, this one is excellent. Great visuals, great audio, great pace. It is an exciting presentation to watch and learn from. "I would love to watch this with a child because of the information presented." "I like how the three sharks are contrasted and how they named the sharks they were studying. It makes it more personal." The information concerning the behaviors of the different sharks is very suitable for the target age group. The background music is impressive and very suitable to the show, it adds to the action and suspense. This show definitely adds to your awareness level about sharks and why it's important to protect them. Superb explanations. Sharks are animals that children seldom see and when they do , the sharks are in an aquarium someplace. The real footage is excellent and shows the sharks in their natural habitat. One great thing about this show is how it gives dispels some of the fearful sensationalism that some media has used to portray sharks.
Bronze Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009. In his most incredible adventure yet, Captain Jon takes us around the world to meet three sharks: the Lemon Shark, the Tiger Shark and the Great White Shark. Find out why these creatures are called the "Knights of the Sea."
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