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What to know: Three young impala grow up and learn the rules and hazards of the bush in East Africa.
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Recommended age 5-12
77 minutes
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Kids loved it. "I'd love to be a giraffe so I could see from very high. The giraffe can see everything probably." "Some of the scenes are funny and look like they should be on "America's Funniest Videos." The kids were concerned for the animals that were given names but not upset about the kills once they found out the main characters were okay. They talked to the screen to tell the animals to run.
This creative film tells about animals in Africa from a giraffe's point of view. It is filled with subtle humor such as a baby trying to get milk from his mother's tail. The production values are very professional. The wildlife cinematography is stunning with amazing images of African wildlife. The audio is the "voice" of an older giraffe telling the story of the three antelope males. They do an excellent job showing how hunting is about survival rather than sport. The animal parents are shown as good providers. The film hooks you immediately with images and humor. The giraffe tells the story about the antelopes, alluding to her own story at various points so it arouses your curiosity and keeps you engaged in the story. It is chocked full of interesting animal facts such as the animals jumping in the air to warn others of danger. It does show animals killed in hunt which is something that may bother sensitive viewers. Excellent production values - crisp images, clear and pleasing narration.
Three young impala grow up and learn the rules and hazards of the bush in East Africa. This is the real Bambi story and therefore unique. It combines elements of love, drama, courage and adventure - all in the East of Africa, truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and told through a mother giraffe.
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