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What to know: A comedy about a teenage boy (Ezra) who inadvertently discovers that he has the power to make food appear in his hands.
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Recommended age 11-15
90 minutes
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Younger kids enjoyed the food theme and the boy's ability to retaliate with throwing food at people. Older kids thought it was funny although a bit corny. Overall response from kids: "Interesting story." They enjoyed watching it even though it was "weird" and completely unbelievable. Favorite part: food fight! Kids thought the teacher was mean and spiteful, especially when he belittled the boy for being late to class. They really enjoyed the food fight scenes and the parts when the food boy got his time to shine. All the kids found the premise of being able to make food at will interesting and appealing but unbelievable.
Offbeat and entertaining. Well produced. Original premise leads to unexpected situations. Interesting story, based on a "gift" that the boy had to learn to use. His learning is intriguing and the effects of the gift are funny. The setting is a high school and included events typical for high schoolers. The story flows well and there are lots of details to the "gift" the boy had to learn to control. As you're watching it, you wonder where it's going and willing go along. Even an interaction with a bully is handled through non-violent response. There is no profanity or negative topics. The boy is always late for class and, as a result the teacher is awful to him. All the adults are a bit over-played and stereotyped. You can appreciate that the creators paid attention to keeping inappropriate language and topics out as there are plenty of opportunities to include if they so chose. Excellent production values, acting, sets and costumes. Besides, it is darn good entertainment. If high school isn't difficult enough, Ezra Chase (Lucas Grabeel) must cope with the fact that food, in many forms, appears in his hands. While useful during school food fights, Ezra must deal with this strange talent at the time most kids are concerned with fitting in and college acceptance. The film is fun and moves well, just watch out for all the flying food!
A comedy about a teenage boy (Ezra) who inadvertently discovers that he has the power to make food appear in his hands. Ezra must ultimately choose either to embrace his unexpected but extraordinary talent or to return to his original life plan. Starring Lucas Grabeel, Brittany Curran, Kunal Sharma, Ryne Sanborn, Noah Bastian and McCall Clark.
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