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What to know: A desperate struggle for survival is raging deep in the heart of Borneo's forests.
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Recommended age 5-8
272 minutes
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Liked it. "Kids would like this because everyone likes to watch monkeys and they are so much like us." "The orangutans are treated with respect by all at the rescue center. The workers and manager work well together. "I love the rainforest. The pictures they showed here were very realistic." "The snake scene was a little scary." The kids loved the educational information about this show. "We learned about why we should preserve our rainforests." And, most said their friends would enjoy this series.
Excellent. Well filmed, entertaining and an important real life happening. The format of this show will resonate with kids accustomed to watching a lot of television as it has that "reality" sort of feel. And, it should create a groundswell of sympathy for these endangered great apes. Good work. The educational value of this series and the way it pulls you into what is going on in the lives of the orangutans it what makes it great. It shows how the orangutans started to create their own society so that they could live free. It shows how they face similar problems to what we humans face. The island where this takes place is beautiful and wild with sounds of the forest. The power struggles among the male is very strong. The message we come away with is how humans are destroying the rainforests and the animals are losing their homes. This series helps us to see ourselves through the orangutans.
A desperate struggle for survival is raging deep in the heart of Borneo's forests. Illegal logging is rapidly destroying the Bornean orangutans' last stronghold in the wild -- leaving hundreds of orangutan babies orphaned and homeless. Their future seems bleak but a ground-breaking project provides real hope for ensuring the survival of the species. Meet the 35 classmates of Forest School 103 at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. These precocious red-haired "children of the forest" will get the opportunity, through this innovative project led by Lone Droscher-Nielsen and her team, to live wild on a protected island. Orangutan Island is the foundation for the largest primate rescue project in the world. Go with them on their journey to adulthood as they struggle to form their own society and learn how to live free on Orangutan Island.
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