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What to know: Becca loves to play soccer but is stuck on a team that can't seem to win.
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Recommended age 8-12
92 minutes
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Great film that begs the question, "do parents do stupid things for the right reason?" Here's a Mom who wants so much to get closer to her kid that she's willing to do something completely outrageous in order to accomplish that. Missy Pyle plays a very believable role and Emily Osment is the ever so tortured teen. Cassie Scerbo's performance as head of the rival team has a nice blend of competitive and bratty.
Becca loves to play soccer but is stuck on a team that can't seem to win. When a famous soccer star Lorenzo agrees to coach Becca's team no one is more excited than her! When her mom causes an accident that leaves the soccer star in the hospital she decides to masquerade as Lorenzo and coach Becca's team herself! Hilarity ensues as Wendy must keep up her charade and not let her daughter find out who their coach really is! Starring Emily Osment, Missi Pyle, Dan Cortese, Kristen Wilson, Elon Gould, Hamish Linklater. Director: Greg McClatchy; Writer: Frederick Ayeroff
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