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What to know: Rudy and his new friend Devery plan to spend Halloween playing practical jokes on the elderly.
Recommended age 8-18
65 minutes
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Kids loved the humor. "We liked it a lot because it is really funny and teaches kids lessons." "It was fun to watch and the gang was a lot like us." "Devery kept scaring everyone. They didn't get candy and then got in trouble. It teaches a great lesson about being mean." "Fat Albert and the Gang are awesome. We related to them because they reminded us of ourselves." "Even when Devery was mean to Fat Albert he didn't care. He showed us how to ignore someone who isn't nice." "Overall, it's a great film and taught us important lessons about friends and how they treat each other."
Overall presentation is 70s style animation. Its simplistic nature makes it timeless. The messages address interaction between generations and helps children see themselves as valuable members of a community - a message as relevant today as when the series first aired on TV. Many positive role models are shown which demonstrate healthy ways for kids to deal with problems and people who cause problems. Fat Albert is a good example for the group as he is always respectful to everyone and tries to stop his friends from being mean.
Rudy and his new friend Devery plan to spend Halloween playing practical jokes on the elderly. They both take aim on Mrs. Bakewell, an old widow living in a spooky house by the graveyard. But the kids get the ultimate scare when two of them don't return from "trick or treating!" Did Mrs. Bakewell have something to do with their mysterious disappearance?
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