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What to know: Once upon a time there was a kingdom where dancing was forbidden.
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Recommended age 8-12
95 minutes
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This beautiful dance film will warm the hearts of any dance lovers, and some who never knew this was their passion. The story line is slightly predictable but not without its nuances.
Once upon a time there was a kingdom where dancing was forbidden. Despite the ban and under the knowing and mischievous gaze of her little brother Solal, Princess Aurore happily seizes every occasion to dance. Influenced by a greedy and underhanded counselor, the King wants to marry Aurore to a rich Prince and save the kingdom from ruin. He organizes three balls to introduce Aurore to the world. But Aurore falls in love with a handsome and romantic painter. Obliged to choose between her love and her family she will follow her heart and mother's advice "Never forget to dance, even when you feel sad."
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