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What to know: This hilarious version of the Chinese zodiac legend depicts the legendary animal race for their placement in time.
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Recommended age 5-12
6 minutes
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Enjoyable. "It was fun to see the different animals. It made me mad that the mean mouse won the race." "We liked the storyline about how the animals raced to see who would be in the zodiac. The animals were all very different and the cat lost the race." It spurred a great deal of discussion about what is fair and how bullying takes place even among animals. "The mouse was a mean bully and we have some of those in my school." "The mouse was very mean. He pushed the cat into the water and did not help the ox even though the ox helped him." "The pictures are great. They look like very fancy paper dolls." The voice ad the music is good. It is fun to hear the animals talk." "I think the movie helped us see that life is not always fair. It made us talk a lot about bullying and how sometimes kids get away with it." "My Mom loved it and she is pretty old."
Interesting and engaging storyline that introduces children to a story from another culture. The storyline covers cheating which kids need to learn about early on. The character development is full and interesting. Vocabulary is right on target with words at the bottom of the screen which encourages the development of reading skills. Stylistically, it's very different from what American kids are accustomed to seeing. Wonderful illustrations that look like paper creations. Clear narrative and easy to distinguish. It provides a great spring board to talk about bullying and what is "fair." It also shows how other cultures look at the calendar and the attributes of animals.
This hilarious version of the Chinese zodiac legend depicts the legendary animal race for their placement in time. Join the adventure to find out who wins!
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