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What to know: Teenage Zef and little brother, Tutu, are two happy elephants.
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Recommended age 8-12
92 minutes
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Enjoyed it. Some thought it was too long. They enjoyed the interaction between the elephants and the zebras and disliked the mean humans. "We liked the songs and the monkeys." "I thought about what it would be like if I lost my Mom. I'd be sad and scared." "We liked the animals but the story was too slow." It has lots of fun music." "The location of the elephant journey helped them find other animals along the way." "I liked how the animals played with each other and escaped from the hunters." "It made me think about different animals in the wild."
Zef and his little brother Tutu start out as two happy elephants. They have the big landscape of the wild plains of Africa to play in, chase zebras, ostriches, and all kinds of animals out in the wild. Zef And Tutu get into all kinds of mischief until their mother and the family herd are taken from them in the dark of night by "The Badness". Join the elephant brothers, the chimp, giraffe, the vulture and the cub on a bold adventure to find a new family at the end of the rainbow. A family movie, the African music will keep you engaged and involved at all the twists and turns that the animals experience along the way. Many jurors commented that they felt the story was way too long. They loved the video of the animals in the wild but felt the story was somewhat disjointed.
Teenage Zef and little brother, Tutu, are two happy elephants. Who wouldn't be with the biggest backyard in the world to play in -- the wild plains of Africa! Zef is just the big brother to show Tutu how to have fun and get into all kinds of mischief... until one dreadful night when their mother and the family herd are taken from them by The Badness. Now these two carefree brothers must summon their courage and do whatever it takes to rescue their family! Voices - Jean-Francios Balmer and Richard Bohringer
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