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What to know: Timothy runs away from home after refusing to move away.
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Recommended age 8-12
28 minutes
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This is pretty dark with sinister characters, not unlike Grimm. But, it is very compelling and does deliver a moral lesson in the end. It has a bit of mystery in it, along with an eccentric shopkeeper - ala Harry Potter - that holds your attention throughout the entire film. Interesting in a quirky kind of way. Unusual, and not predictable.
Timothy runs away from home after refusing to move away. He stumbles upon an old bookshop finding the mysterious and eccentric shopkeeper Wolfincrass. Every person has a book which is only meant for them, says Wolfincrass, who sets about finding Timothy's story. What he finds is "The Hollow Tree" and he leads Timothy into a world beyond his wildest imagination, following the story of orphaned brother and sister Lizzy and David, and their quest to find Home. Lizzy and David, escape from the Thornwall Orphanage for Uncommonly Regrettable Children and the vile clutches of Madam Stagmire. They find themselves lost in Odin Forest, where they are not alone; mysterious and sinister wolves are chasing them on their journey through the forest. Just when they reach their most desperate moment of need, they find the Hollow Tree. But, the forest isn't done with the pair as they press on in their pursuit of Home. With Wolfincrass' guidance, Timothy learns about his own quest for Home and more about his mysterious benefactor.
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