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What to know: Alex (short for Alejandra) loves soccer, the color red, and playing the trumpet.
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Recommended age 5-8
14 minutes
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Kids enjoyed it and wanted to watch it again later. Not sure if they got the concept completely, but they did come away knowing what a tomboy is.
This is an adorable short about a girl who likes "boy" things and the confusion that ensues. It offers a good introduction to kids who are starting to figure out gender roles and how to express their individuality. Beginning with Alex playing with a ball in her room, on the way to school she is mistaken for a boy and in class questioned when her science project is about a very fast ball. Later, on the playground she is questioned as a little girl tries to explain how colors are gender specific - all to the confusion of others. This animated film doesn't skip a beat telling this very poignant story in a way that young children can understand. Animation is simple, 2D, very bright and colorful. Good audio. As a Latina, it is also nice that Alex and her mom sprinkle a few Spanish words into their dialogue. Alex will seem cool to most kids and she promotes sports and science as well as being cool.
Alex (short for Alejandra) loves soccer, the color red, and playing the trumpet. The other kids think those are 'boy' things and tease her mercilessly. After running home in tears, her mom reassures her that she is great just the way she is. Animated.
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