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What to know: Classmates are lured to a fantasy camp on a mysterious island where pirates from the past make strange counselors.
KIDS FIRST QUALIFIED ENDORSEMENT PIRATE CAMP AKA ADVENTURE CAMP is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-8
90 minutes
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Kids loved it. "The pirates were funny and there was some mystery." "It's a fun idea. I'd like to go to that camp." "My friends would love it because it's about pirates and treasures and things like that." "The kids are like teenagers I know. The pirates aren't." They weren't always nice. The pirates said mean things and the voodoo and other things weren't nice." "The pictures made it look just like where pirates would live. It was neat." "The pirates looked like real pirates. The magic people were cool." "Going to a fun camp like this would be neat. I'd love to be a pirate for a while, but not the real scary stuff, just the pretending stuff."
Pirates are fun. The camp is very realistic and the things that the campers do look like lots of fun. This film moves quickly and has lots of action, adventure and a little suspense. The hag/witch is quite frightening at times and user voodoo and sorcery. Best for kids in older age group as it is a bit frightening for younger ones. The pirates do not use kind names for each other and are not respectful of others at times. The production quality is very good. Good sets and acting. Encourages kids to think about doing the right thing and what makes you a better person.
Classmates are lured to a fantasy camp on a mysterious island where pirates from the past make strange counselors. Soon Cooper (Seth Atkins) discovers Captain Hookbeard (Corbin Bernsen) a voodoo with Mama and the legendary Blackbeard (John Kassir) are tricking the campers into a contest to find a cursed treasure. With plenty of sword fighting, pranks and magic, this wacky summer camp becomes an adventure of a lifetime as competitors and friends rally together and fight to save themselves.
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