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What to know: America's favorite pooch leads this howl-arious all-new comedy starring Jonathan Silverman, Rhea Perlman, Moises Arias (Hannah Montana) and Eddie Griffin.
Recommended age 5-12
100 minutes
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Loved it. "It was very funny." "I would watch it a lot!" "My friends would like it because it has cute animals. The lizard is very funny and looks like a person sometimes." The kids really enjoyed this. Beethoven is a very cute dog with very cute puppies. It tells how Beethoven got to be in a movie. Everyone loved the dogs. Some of the cheap jokes get a bit repetitious and some are pretty crude. It's a bit scary for younger kids.
With a well-known cast, supporting soundtrack and continuation of the beloved tale of Beethoven which has been on-going since 1992 this video offers a heartwarming tale that shows the bond between father and son and the obstacles that non-traditional families encounter such as low-income issues or lack of a vital family member - in this case, the departed Mother. It also stresses the importance of acceptance and showing love to those around us. The movie making aspect of the film's storyline is entertaining - when they improvise scenes when Beethoven won't follow along with the script. It shows the importance of how sometimes "going with the flow" turns out better than a scripted, planned out story. Kids will enjoy the overabundance of exotic animals, especially the lizard, Pete. The antagonists in the film were also a bit humorous and much of the slapstick humor in which Beethoven creates provides comedic enjoyment as well. Following the 3-act structure, each character comes full circle to learn and grow from the situations and experiences they encounter. The production style offers a "behind the scenes" feel to it being filmed at Universal Studios. Everyone loves Beethoven with the puppies, showing that was a single father, just like the movie's father, Eddie. The film shows how love for someone or something can change a person and ultimately shine a ray of positive energy on those around us. Great production values. Great costumes. Great sets. Overall, very very fun!
America's favorite pooch leads this howl-arious all-new comedy starring Jonathan Silverman, Rhea Perlman, Moises Arias (Hannah Montana) and Eddie Griffin. Long before he became the world's most paw-pular star, Beethoven was just another loveable, struggling stray. When two studio big shots cast him in their new movie, Beethoven breaks into Hollywood, stirring up trouble on the sets while winning over a few hearts. Featuring a new song by the Jonas Brothers. Directed by Mike Elliott.
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