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What to know: After the death of his father, troubled teen Jake Gattison (Hugh) travels with his mother to Harmony Ranch, a special retreat for families dealing with problems.
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Recommended age 8-12
90 minutes
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Mixed reviews. "Liked it all right. It was too sad because people were dying and getting hurt. " "It was a good movie about people praying, practicing their faith in God and dreams of heaven." "My friends would like this. They would like the part where the kids are building the fence and the ranch owner makes them do it over. That was funny." "Nicky was a good character and her acting was the best. I liked that she had long hair and was feminine and modest." "Jake was mean to his mother but he thought she had lied to him." "We liked the scenes of the mountains, lake and the horses," "The music was great but it was overused. At times, they changed from one song to another and it detracted from the conversations between the characters." "I liked the big house that Katie lived in. It made me want to go to the retreat." "It made me think about being braver. Remember Isaac jumped into the water to save Jake?" They loved the part when Troubadour, the horse came to save Jake from the wolf.
It is a joy to watch the horses in this film. The film explores several families working through their problems together. It's message of faith and family are invaluable but the lack of acting talent in some of the characters detracted from it at times. The storyline follows a young man distressed by his father's death and how he handles his grief with the help of others who are also hurting. There are several instances of violence by the youth taken out on others his age and he verbally attacks his mother at some point but these scenes are addressed. The family and peer group relationships are all portrayed in positive ways except for these outbursts. There are scenes that deal with the deaths of a parent and a beloved animal. Some viewers may be disturbed by these emotional themes. It is a decent family movie that could generate discussion on some of these difficult topics.
After the death of his father, troubled teen Jake Gattison (Hugh) travels with his mother to Harmony Ranch, a special retreat for families dealing with problems. There, Jake discovers a kindred spirit in Troubadour, a young stallion that has lost his mother and is acting out. Ranch owner Chief (Rooney), allows Jake to work with him to calm the uneasy horse. When Troubadour suddenly runs away, Jake makes it his mission to bring the lost stallion home. He sets out with his new friends Nicki (Handy) and Isaac (Stroud), two other troubled teens, on a journey into the wilderness. It's an adventure that will change their lives forever.
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