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What to know: At least once, every child meets the curiosity about how life is born.
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Recommended age 12-18
6 minutes
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This simple, non-narrative animation addresses something that a, at some point, we have all come to realize - that we've just eaten an animal . Initially we feel bad - until our parents justify the reason. Nicely made 2D animation with simple line drawn backgrounds. Music background of simple piano melody suits it well. The characters' faces are quite expressive and the imaginary sequence nicely done. The characters are simple yet loveable. It provides great talking points to discuss the cycle of life.
At least once, every child meets the curiosity about how life is born. And when a food that you enjoy, such as eggs, turns out to be the early stage of life, a child can get confused and feel guilty. This film explores the emotional and informative trip of discovery.
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