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What to know: Entertaining and silly.
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Recommended age 5-12
76 minutes
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Mixed reactions from the kids. This movie has a very limited age range. It's too scary and complex for kids younger than 5 and not compelling enough for older kids to hold their interest. Only some kids liked it. Some watched intensely, others walked
We weren't sure if this animated version of the classic would hold up and it did. It's quite entertaining and silly. Jerry Lewis' involved was a plus. He plays both the title character as well as his alter ego Buddy Love. One of our favorite characters was Polly. It was enjoyable seeing a smart girl who is also beautiful and popular. The motorcycle race was one of the most exciting parts of the video. The way Harold faces his fears provides a good climax as well. Most of the characters show some development and in the end, express their appreciation of Harold. There are some bullies in the film who do some name calling and play mean jokes on Harold. It is mild enough that we will overlook it but offer it as something to discuss with your child.
Years after the original nutty professor has hidden away the formula for his secret potion, his boy genius grandson, Harold, rediscovers the recipe and the adventure begins anew. Along the way, Harold learns to face his fears and the power of just being himself. Join Jerry Lewis and Drake Bell for a fun twist on a timeless story. When a nerdy boy genius drinks a secret potion created by his scientist grandfather and unleashes his super-cool alter ego, he's sure all his problems are solved...or are they? Subtitled in Spanish. Starring Drake Bell and Jerry Lewis
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