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What to know: Wonderful film that appeals to the entire family.
Recommended age 5-8
88 minutes
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Loved it. "I loved this story." "It is good because the imaginary world is cool. I like how he played with the bear." "I liked how one minute it is animated and the next, it isn't." "The part where the velveteen rabbit sees the other rabbits is cool. You can't tell what's real and what's not." "I would definitely watch it again. In fact, I would watch it at every chance I could as if it was the only movie I had." "The grandma was kind of mean sometimes but then she was nice. The toys tried to save the boy at the end and they did." "The rabbit almost burned saving the boy." "It made the imaginary world seem more real." "It seems like this took place long long ago. The attic was full of toys. I think it took place in England. It looks like the olden days."
Wonderful film that appeals to the entire family. The relationships, the visuals and the classic, sweet story make this one film that appeals to adults as well as children. The filmmaker took a simple story and expanded it into a full length feature without making the story feel forced. The boy's loneliness that draws him to bond with the rabbit sets the stage for a relationship change between his father, grandmother and himself. The story is simple to follow and unfolds in a natural manner. Some kids might get frightened by the fires and destruction in the imaginary world toward the end. Most will identify with the boy and his relationship with his stuffed rabbit. They will most likely be happy that the boy becomes closer to his grandmother and isn't lonely anymore. Each character is true to his or her status including the strict grandma. When poor behaviors are shown, so is kindness. I.e.. when Toby is locked in his room on his grandma's order, she still tries to find his rabbit. Some kids might have a difficult time separating the imaginary scenes from the real ones at first but will soon understand that the animated scenes signify the imaginary scenes. The characters, especially the goose and the horse, explain difficult concepts in detail. Beautiful animation mixed with live action. The scene in which the boy turns from live to animated is incredible. The quality of the cinematography is very good. Love how it brings classic literature to life.
Based on the best-selling classic book, Toby's father has packed away in ice his grief over the death of his wife. When Toby is sent to stay with his very proper and somewhat forbidding grandmother over the Christmas holidays, he does not know what to do with himself. Then he discovers an attic filled with toys from the past and an unopened present from his angel mother. Inside the box is a velveteen rabbit that opens up the world of imagination for Toby. Rabbit along with Swan and Horse fill Toby's world with exciting animated adventures. Their love and insights help Toby melt the heart of his grandmother, who calls his father home. Their world reaches a crisis when Toby contracts Scarlet Fever and his beloved rabbit must be burned. Through this loss Toby and the grownups in his life come to realize the importance of family and the power of love to make us real.
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