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What to know: Wonderful short about a dad who loves to dance, even though he's a "tough guy.
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Recommended age 8-18
29 minutes
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Very humorous and a great message! This story shows how a person can indulge in their dreams no matter what their background. The relationship between the father and daughter is very sweet, particularly as the daughter carefully guides her father in following his dream. It's fun and great for breaking up the stereotype of the tough Bronx tough guy. There is some mild profanity and some scenes where they are drinking beer but not offensively so. Well produced. Good acting, great music and visuals. Really really fun.
Joey appears to be just a regular guy from his Bronx Italian neighborhood. He's tough, works two jobs, and hangs with the fellas. But a lifelong secret has always separated Joey from the rest - his passion for Ballet. This film, featuring Federico Castelluccio, is a father/daughter dramatic comedy of Joey and Giselle, two tough souls from the Bronx, as they overcome their inner fears and take an unexpected step into the world of ballet - a step that will change their lives forever. Starring Federico Castelluccio of "The Sopranos.
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