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What to know: Terry McNeal is a nine-year-old girl with the eyes of an angel and the smile of a saint.
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Recommended age 8-12
54 minutes
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A very sweet film about a child who has lost her parents and her relationship with her Aunt Jana. Terry is a true believer in God and hope. Her honesty in telling her story, in reaching out to others, and in giving unconditionally - help the many people she reaches out to and in the end - to herself as well. It's a bit slow at time but very very sweet. This one will bring a tear to your eye.
Terry McNeal is a nine-year-old girl with the eyes of an angel and the smile of a saint. Following the untimely death of her parents, she moves in with her beloved Aunt Jana, a dreamer with a heart that's bigger than her financial reality. With her laptop computer, the last birthday present her parents gave her, Terry finds a way to communicate with her Mom and Dad by sending them homemade movies in Heaven through the Internet. Terry and her aunt embark on touching filmmaking that leaves no emotional stone unturned. When Aunt Jana faces the prospect of losing Terry due to financial difficulties, Terry proposes a solution that most would consider a miracle. All Terry asks is that you believe.
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