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What to know: Gold Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009.
KIDS FIRST ENDORSED RIDDLE IN A BOTTLE, THE is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-12
30 minutes
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Enjoyed it. "We liked this movie because it is funny and entertaining. The music goes along with the movie very well. There are lots of catchy songs."" We could relate to the main characters, a brother and sister who solve riddles. They remind us of ourselves and our siblings because they are humorous and got along." "Everyone treats each other nicely, with respect, humor, understanding and good listening skills." "The ocean scenes are beautiful. Thumbs up!" "Favorite part: Learning about where salt came from and where baby sea turtles live and what could eat them. The baby sea turtles lived in sea weed called sargasm (at first we thought they said sarcasm). We found out that some salt comes from volcanoes." "Overall, we think this show is going to replace or compete with Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go and Handy Manny. We have high hopes to see this more in our future."
Fun blend of live action and animation that offers up an environmental message in a mystery. Their sense of humor permeates the entire show with quirky take offs on dry educational shows. The hosts have a great way of being onscreen that is authentic, funny, and informative. The shots of the turtles emerging from the sand are awesome. The animals are anthropomorphized, in an amazing way. Another hit from Laura and Carl Sams, plus a great educational message in a very fun, breezy way (complete with pirates). Funded by Save Our Seas, gives a very positive environmental message to kids.
Gold Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009. A sister and brother team, called The Riddle Solvers, must solve a mysterious riddle about the ocean, with help from sea turtles, tide pool animals, frogs and a one-legged singing pirate. Featuring vivid underwater wildlife footage and original music from Laura and Robert Sams.
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