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What to know: Ever wished for a "do-over"? At some point, everyone has experienced a burning desire to go back in time and change history.
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Recommended age 8-12
100 minutes
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This film is really most suitable for kids over the age of 16, not younger ones. The story is well told but almost too mature for kids of any age. The kids couldn't believe that something like this could possible really happen. They didn't think that kids would leave their families to follow someone such as they did. Some kids thought it was a take off of the movie, Timeline." "It was pretty good, but "Timeline" was better and this one seemed to be a copycat." "It wasn't realistic and seemed to be similar to a science fiction movie." "It was kind of difficult to follow at times and the characters didn't seem real." "The main characters were good and showed how important it was to be strong and persistent." It did motivates some kids to explore further inquiry into the topic. Overall, it was difficult for them to understand a great deal of the time. .
Exciting storyline, teaches a bit about history. Happy ending yet it is a cliffhanger. Rave reviews from our jurors. The actors stay true to character and the film is staged well. While values of loyalty and truth are well represented, the social interactions may be above the understanding of the audience. It is a bit intense at times for 12-15 year olds but the nature of the film is such that it could not accurately portray this without the intensity and emotional stress. AT time the language is difficult to follow. The abuse which is accurately portrayed without excess, is a critical part of the film. While the values of loyalty and truth were well represented, the social interactions are difficult for kids to understand.
Ever wished for a "do-over"? At some point, everyone has experienced a burning desire to go back in time and change history. For young Dolf Vega (Joe Flynn), that fantasy is about to become a reality! His mother (Emily Watson) works at a secret research center that's testing a prototype time machine, and after Dolf's soccer team suffers a devastating defeat, he schemes to go back in time 12 hours to replay the fateful match. Unfortunately, a data-input error sends him back to the year 1212! Saved from bandits by the beautiful Jenne (Stephanie Leonidas), Dolf joins her and thousands of kids on a peaceful pilgrimage known as the "Children's Crusade." But unbeknownst to them all, a common enemy masquerading as a trusted friend will put them in mortal danger! Can contemporary Dolf survive the technology-free, superstition filled Dark Ages long enough to rescue the children and get back home with Jenne by his side? Time will tell!
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