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What to know: Take a ride to the depth of 1500 feet in the deep sea with a submarine pilot.
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Recommended age 5-8
37 minutes
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Children asked about the animals shown, about diving, swimming and what diversity means. They want to learn more about everything they saw in the video. They want to know about vertebrates and invertebrates and why each is the way they are. ''I really liked this video because I got to learn about some animals in the ocean. I really like the ocean and since we don't live near one I get to see it when I watch this movie.'' Another child said ''I liked the animals in the movie, they're neat!'' ''I would really like to watch it again because it teaches a little about the animals, and how they don't care that they are different from each other.'' '' I think my friends would like this video because it's neat, its all under water and the creatures look awesome.' 'It was a movie about how we should be nice to people who are different from us with examples shown by using ocean animals who don't treat each other badly because they're different." It was neat how most of the movie was filmed under water so we could see what it really looks like." ''Filming under water is cool, I felt like I was really there, like I could reach out and touch the animals.'' ''This movie got me thinking about how some people treat other people badly because they're different from them, and about how cool it would be to go scuba diving.''
Very enjoyable. Beautiful footage of the ocean and some of the creatures living there. It also teaches about how nice diversity is and we shouldn't be mean to people who are different from us. It offers a beautiful display of the ocean and its creatures, moves smoothly from segment to segment and is done in a way that children can understand. The narrator doesn't use words that children can't understand and uses the diversity of the ocean's creatures to teach about diversity in people. The narrator explains how the animals of the ocean don't discriminate against each other based on color, species, gender or anything else. Kids are encouraged to use their imaginations. "My kids loved the video because they got to see neat animals and coral reefs. The video was lovely, with no defects in sound or visuals." "I really enjoyed seeing the kids in the water as well."
Take a ride to the depth of 1500 feet in the deep sea with a submarine pilot. Find out what happens on the reef at night. Learn what eating ice cream and brushing your teeth have in common. Why do crabs have claws? What can grow three feet in just one day? An upbeat original score celebrates the ocean and brings it to life.
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