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What to know: John (Paul Adzima) and Nick (Reed Elkinton) are two kids with a mission.
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Recommended age 12-18
19 minutes
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Action in the movie is cute and funny. The guns are fake and shoot foam rods. The ending is confusing. The chase scenes and fight scenes are fun to watch, particularly when they stop for ice cream and to swim. The film is about a government conspiracy and there are some profanities. The continuity is not great. The audio and video production is okay. There are a lot of night shots that have mediocre visibility. Interesting storyline, production values are a bit weak. Overall, it's a decent student production that is enjoyable to watch, especially the chase and fight scenes. The profanities may be too much for some audiences.
John (Paul Adzima) and Nick (Reed Elkinton) are two kids with a mission. From school newspaper editor to vigilante, these two are out to expose a government conspiracy. Their methods, however are... interesting. In this spoof, complete with guns, villains and life or death chases, it's up to kids to save the world - as only kids can.
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