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What to know: The re-telling of the classic "Heidi," an adorable orphan sent to live with her cranky Grandfather in the Swiss Alps.
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Recommended age 5-12
58 minutes
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Loved it! "It was the best!" "Funny and cute baby dogs." "My friends would love it because they would like the dogs and how they talk funny." "It is the story of Heidi, an orphan who finds true happiness in a home with her grandfather." "We really liked Heidi , Clara, Peter and Grandfather." "Heidi reminded me of Jr. Asparagus from Veggie Tales." "At first, the grandfather was mean, he was used to being alone." "Miss Rottenmeir wasn't nice. She didn't want Heidi, but Clara wanted her and then Miss Rottenmeir missed Heidi when she left." "The story took place in the mountains and the photography made it look like the dogs were in the mountains." "We loved the pretty costumes. They fit the puppies pretty well." "The dogs actually looked like they were talking." "I liked how the pictures in the book came alive at the end." "We liked how they made this story with real dogs."
Gold Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009. Based on the classic 1880 story, it offers a heartwarming tale with a twist - dogs as the characters. The characters are intriguing and delightful to watch. The story is filled with lessons, wisdom and meaningful situations. The combination of animation and live action works very well, including the costuming and sets. It has a very child like quality that draws you in and after a while you tend to overlook the silliness of the costumed animals. The production is quite well done. The story goes back to the original book, turning pages and transitioning into film. One concern we have in terms of film festival play is that the images become quite pixilated at times which would deter it from being screened on the big screen.
The re-telling of the classic "Heidi," an adorable orphan sent to live with her cranky Grandfather in the Swiss Alps...starring all dogs. Voiced by Angela Lansbury, Stephen Rea, Julian Sands, Steve Guttenberg and others.
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